Missionary Diocese of the

Sacred Heart Cross


Sharing the love, mercy and compassion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Missionary Diocese of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is bound by the love and compassion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to stand with the oppressed, the abused, and those who are discriminated against. We believe on speaking against injustice and we will advocate for those who do not have a voice. We will accomplish our mission by preaching the Gospel with words, and by preaching with action.

In particular, the Missionary Diocese of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will purposely:

1)   Support and speak loudly for the Persecuted Church around the world by daily fervent prayer, and by frequently making local congregations aware of Christian persecution. Furthermore, the diocese will join forces with organizations that currently provide aid and advocacy to persecuted Christians.

2)   Support minorities of every kind by establishing outreach operations that can enable, build up, inspire and guide those who are at a disadvantage because they are part of a minority group.  Efforts will be made to feed and clothe minorities or disadvantaged groups, and we will make efforts to provide them with some form of education and guidance in order to enable disadvantaged individuals and communities to be self-sustaining. These services can include literacy classes, language classes, entrepreneurial training, resume services, basic computer training, etc. The extent of these ministry services will depend on the financial and other resources available at each community. Whenever possible and when necessary, the Missionary Diocese of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will seek the assistance of already established organizations in order to increase effectives.

3)   Advocate for the safety and welfare of all children, but especially for children in at risk communities. Again,  special attention will be given to children living in low-income households and to children who are at a disadvantage because of dysfunctional family conditions such as children in foster care, children living in low-income districts or who attend schools that are traditionally in poor neighborhoods. We will also serve children of migrant workers, children who speak English as a second language, victims of abuse, etc.

4)   Support battered woman and victims of domestic violence by increasing awareness, by volunteering or encouraging parishioners to volunteer at abused spouse shelters, by providing resume services, basic computer training, literacy training and any other support that will enable victims of spousal abuse to break away if necessary.

5)   Support homeless people by feeding them and clothing them as resources allow. Families with children and the elderly will be the primary focus, but some form of ministerial care will be provided to all who are homeless.

6)   Support mentally and physically challenged people by advocating for them in front of local, state, national and international governmental agencies in order to help improve services and medical care.

7)   Support the elderly by identifying those in the community who are at risk, by supporting local agencies that provide services to at risk elderly people, and by promoting parishioners to volunteer with local organizations that provide such services.

8)   Support poor people, especially the working poor, by speaking up in favor of fair wages, equal pay and by standing up against abusive employer practices. When necessary, those who are poor will be guided to resources that can help them find some sort of upward mobility.

9)   In general, we will support those who do not have a voice by becoming ambassadors of particular causes based on the needs of each local community. Rather than attempting to initiate advocacy groups, the Missionary Diocese of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will identify currently established groups, and will join forces with such groups by way of encouraging parishioners to volunteer with carefully vetted advocacy groups. If necessary, advocacy groups will be founded by the diocese or better yet, parishioners will be inspired to take such action if necessary.

10) Reach out to those who feel called to share the love of Christ with all people as both ordained and lay ministers. This will be done in an attempt to offer support and Episcopal oversight. Together with the support and guidance of the International Anglican Orthodox Episcopal Communion, the Missionary Diocese of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will bring together a core group of lay and ordained ministers that are passionate about outreach ministry. This core group will actively stand with those who are suffering and struggling because of oppression, discrimination, poverty or any other social injustice.

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