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Sacred Heart Cross


As the wealthy get wealthier and the powerful become more powerful, many people are struggling to stay afloat. Many Christians are facing persecution around the world, and many feel that governmental authorities in many western countries are making sure that Christianity is scrubbed-off from the public square.

In the United States of America, the Bible is not welcomed in many places. The sanctity of life is violated regularly by way of abortion, by the practice of the death sentences, and by the oppression of minority groups because of racism and discrimination. Many people suffer despair because of bigotry.

As a result, many have turned their hopes to political entities in an attempt to rescue themselves from what they perceive as an attack on their well-being and on Christianity. In the process, the message of salvation is being corrupted by savvy political leaders who manipulate well-meaning Christians into adopting their agendas, even if these agendas are contrary to Christ’s love.  However, the political system is not the answer.

Christ our Passover left us His Church.  The Church is the only answer to many of the challenges that we face in society today.  By sharing the love of Christ, we can make a powerful impact in the lives of people around us. We have to refocus our efforts.

If you are interested on refocusing your efforts into establishing the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, join us. We are looking for people like you, who desire to share the love, mercy and compassion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This is the only way to attain justice on this earth, and it is the purest way to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

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